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What’s nature got to do with learning?

Wed, January 12, 2022 (7:30 pm - 8:00 pm) UTC+7


One of my Indigenous friends in Australia, Dean Kelly, tells us that ‘Nature is the greatest teacher.’ I am sure that people who live close to the land or water would sound their agreements with Dean.

Our urban world removes us from regular contact with forests and mountains and rivers and oceans. Our urban world removes us from intimate understanding of the natural processes that give us clean air and water, and healthy soils and flourishing natural environments.

We can change that! We can benefit now from nature whilst living an urban existence.

This 60 mins session will identify the benefits of being in nature. The research is clear – there are many good things about being in natural environments. One is that being in nature strengthens our capacity to learn.  Forests, rivers, oceans and mountains help us feel good and enable us to learn more effectively.

Join me. Find out what the research says – it will make you keen to get out there into nature!

This session is for Parents & Young people & Educators.

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Nature and learning


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What's nature got to do with learning?

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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

7:30 pm - 8:00 pm  UTC+7

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Phil Smith
Phil Smith

Learning is connection. Education must be inspiration. Join me to be inspired to make connections between you and a world worth living in – a sustainable world. If you are a teacher, we consider the place of sustainability in education – and it’s not on the outside knocking to be let in! Or join me to improve your skills in public speaking or writing. More and more, we are required to connect with others near and far. Good communication matters – in writing and speaking. Build confidence and competence in my short classes. My forty plus years in education span the breadth of formal and non-formal education: schools, technical colleges, community colleges, universities and a wide range of community settings. I have held leadership roles in schools, government agencies, a national professional association and local and international NGOs. I have worked overseas in education, training and evaluation. My experience includes advocacy and community campaigning at local, state and federal levels; education in a humanitarian environment (Nauru); sustainability leadership courses for young people; professional development for teachers and trainers; and conference facilitation. I currently work in two teacher-training programs at Western Sydney University, Australia, and I run a program for schools, Speaking 4 the Planet, which is an Arts-based approach to sustainability education. I am a reader and writer. I love being in nature – I am a bushwalker, cross-country skier, and canyoner.

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